Dear Colleagues,

We’ve all managed to get through the first week of what are trying and difficult times to say the least.  While the end of the crisis may still be a long way off, try to seek solace in the fact that it WILL come to an end. If we continue to support one another we will get through this.

I have heard such amazing things about the good work everyone is doing! In incredibly little time our members have ramped up a hugely impressive online learning effort which is engaging kids in meaningful work and providing desperately needed connection. I believe the social and emotional impact of staying connected is as critical as the academic work. Feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive so keep up the good work.

Working from home has its benefits but also presents some unique problems. There are things you can do to manage stress and keep from feeling overwhelmed. Keeping to a schedule and making sure to take time for breaks and family can really help. We will continue to share strategies and tips to help with the transition.

Please continue to funnel questions to your head reps and we will try to respond with answers as quickly as we can. We are now having weekly videoconferences with the executive committee and the head rep(s) of each building. 


I sincerely hope that you and your families are doing well. I wish you all the best as you continue to manage in these unprecedented times. You are doing a fabulous job!

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