How to Enroll

Please note, if you are not on the plan or there is a family member who is not on the plan and you would like to add them go to and click on enrollment Major Medical/vision for the enrollment form. Download the form, complete it and send it via email to donnas.sta@gmail.comor interoffice at HBT/STA. Note that you can also view the Vision Benefits and/or obtain a Vision Claim Form (if you go out of network)on this site.

How to verify you are on the plan

Before going for your visit or glasses you can reach out to NVA at 877-241-7124 to verify you/family are on the policy (your id is your SS#)You can also go on the website: and create an account (Login/Register) so you can see all your benefits info.

If you want to see who the Providers are (who is network) go to: NVAwebsite at -Click on the Providers tab-then click on Select Group drop down and choose Shelter Point. You can then add your address info and how many miles you want your search to be.


Click here for more information and screenshots to walk you through the process.

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