Message from President Mike Callahan

It’s been a while since I’ve written a President’s Message for our Newsletter. In sitting down to write this one, the multitude of problems we were grappling with at this time last year came flooding back to mind. Thankfully, many of those problems are behind us or fading. What a difference a year can make!

Obviously, not all the problems we face together as a union have disappeared. Still, I find so much to be grateful for this year, especially after all we’ve been through these last 20 months. And since one of the joys of Thanksgiving is that we get a special day to be intentional about gratitude, I thought I’d share with you what I’m feeling thankful for.


  • I’m forever thankful for my health, family, and good friends. When it comes to Syosset and the STA, here are my top ten:
  • Having all my students in the same physical classroom with no hybrid instruction or cameras! This is huge.
  • All those who donated to Making Strides and our Thanksgiving food drive. Thank you!
  • The fading memory of polycarbonate barriers. 
  • My wonderful colleagues—the teachers, nurses, therapists, psychologists, and social workers who go the extra mile for students and each other every day. And all our sisters and brothers in CSEA.
  • All the Reps, Head Reps, and Executive Committee members who do the daily work that keeps this union strong. 
  • Traveling out of state and not having to quarantine.
  • Vaccinations and time off to get them (4 hours).
  • In-district COVID Testing.
  • Ventilation upgrades that provide fresh air without need of open windows, especially now that temperatures are dropping into the 30s!  
  • The talented group of probationary teachers who joined the STA this school year. All 50 of you! You are the next generation of this union! Welcome aboard.  

May you have a joyful, restful, and delicious Thanksgiving!

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